Church Leadership

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Through years of operation and development, we are proud to be
the training center specializing in prestige in the market

Pastor Kim Holley
Elders Tom Helvie, Elder Co-Chair

Miriam Robeson, Elder Co-Chair

Deb Jones

Sarah Orem

Randy Larimore

Doug Winger

Barry Wheeler

Dawn Clawson

Committee Chairs Phyllis Reinke, Missions Committee

Deb Jones, Worship Committee

Michael Rosinski, Property Committee

Dawn Clawson, Education/Youth Committee

Mindy Evan, Education/Youth Committee

Dale Orem, Stewardship Commitee

Board Members Benjamin Pickens, President

Dale Orem, Vice President

Randy Larimore, Secretary

Joretta Tinsman, Treasurer

Annette Black

Lisa Eikenberry

Mike Hicks

Harry Jones

Jeff McIlrath

Sheila Myers

Gene Knight

Larry Pifer

Kendra Price