Prayer Concerns

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As we share our thoughts and prayers with our heavenly Father, we are assured he hears us and answers those prayers. We have so many folks who have serious concerns right now. Many have been shared here and some are not public knowledge. It is a burden we carry because we love these friends. Let us all say a prayer and ask God to intervene. He is wise, compassionate and full of grace. We turn it all over to Him.

Immediate Concerns

Joyce Orem Richard Smith Tracy Garrison
Dustin Scott Gutierrez Nancy Grace Carolyn Holcomb
Jerry DeHai Jeff McIlrath Larry & Melissa Thomas
Spencer Randolph Kent LeBeau Harvey Crane
Tim Booth Branden Brent Kay DeVos


Families Who Have Recently Lost Loved Ones

The Family of Arlo Abbott The Family of JoAnn Smith
The Family of Alberto Martin The Family of Tina Peterson The Family of Dave Allbaugh


Ongoing Concerns

Doug Winger Karla Calvin Phyllis Reinke
Kent LeBeau Cheryl Evans Connie Dixon
Kenneth Brewster Mike Winger Mike Hoffman
Joe Viney Dick Curts Janalie Robeson
Betty Mills Jane Abbot Irma Cook


Home Bound or Nursing Home

Richard Curts Betty Mills Janalie Robeson


Our Military

Seth Larimore Levi Evans Ethan Reinke
Chase Meade Chris Craig Aaron Pifer
Braxton Good Kanaan Pruitt Dustin Denmark
Bret Milton